HY-5800 Full-auto wet wipes lid applicator machine

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  • PRODUCTION FLOW: Labeling – deliver- grab 2 lids- gumming-sticking
    Speed : 60~70 lids/min 
    Voltage: 380V ,  50HZ
    Power : 10KW
    Operation system:  OMRON control system
    Control mode:  Preset automatic control system
    Configuration :  OMRON servo motors 
    Weight : 1500 kg
    Angular accuracy : +/-2°
    Paste accuracy : +/-1.5mm
    Label speed: 100pc/min
    Character: HY-5800 Robot lid applicator machine is used to finish gumming, paste the cover etc. process in the wet wipes bags label position, instead of a lot of manual labor, improve work efficiency, Speed of pasting the cover is 60~80 pieces/min.
  • HY-5800全自动williamhillAPP下载粘盖机(机械手)
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