HY-200 Full-auto single and double sheets wet tissue machine with auto elimination function

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  • Power supply: 6KW 380V 50HZ 
    Suitable Raw material: air laid paper, spunlace/hot-rolling nonwoven fabric
    Size of raw material : (150-250)×1000 (mm,W*DIA) 
    Weight of raw material: 40-80g/㎡
    Wet tissue unfolded size : (140~280)×(150~250)  (mm,L×W)
    Wet tissue folded size : (70~140)×(45-85)  (mm,L×W) 
    Packing film: OPP/PE, PET/PE
    Production speed: 150-240 pcs/min        
    Net Weight : 1850 kg
    Size of machine : 7200*900*1650 (mm,L×W ×H)
    Wetting system: stainless steel water tank with agitator (continuously stirring&circulating)
    Size of water tank : 800×800(mm,DIA*H)   400L
    Optical fiber for detect position : PANASONIC
    Optical fiber for detect cutting: PANASONIC
    Optical fiber for detect hemming : PANASONIC
    Auto-counting Photoelectricity: OPTEX
    Counting drive: pneumatic actuator
    Detection pattern : Blowing Rejection
    Driving mode: frequency converter 
    Packing film drive : steeping motor
    Operation interface: Touch screen
    Count quantity setting: 5-20bag/pack (set by touch screen)
    Counting speed:  60bags/min
    Condition for count setting:
    a. Count quantity setting (set by touch screen)
    b. Detect wet tissue position into packing film ON or OFF (set by touch screen)
    c. Detect wet tissue hemming ON or OFF (set by touch screen)
    d. Detect wet tissue connect sachet ON or OFF (set by touch screen)
     Production flow: unrolling —folding—wetting — cutting —stacking---packing — delivering
    Character c
    HY-200E Full automatic Single (Single & double) piece wet wipe machine is full automatic to put parent roll through putting volumes, and longitudinal fold, adding liquid and cut, horizontal folded in half, and final film package, sealing, positioning and cutting . All process finish on the machine. Without human touching, the production is hygienic, machine in high efficiently production modes with auto rejecting inferior and auto counting finished products.

    System Feature:
    1stepping motor Drive model
    2. Main drive shaft adopted couple jointer
    3. Back driven by timing belt
    4. Control system
    5. PLC control systerm and detecting & accounting systerm

    Auto Control Functions:
    1.Auto rejection inferior & auto counting finished products.
    2.Temperature auto controlling. Each unit adopted individual digital temperature indicator.
    3.Each data is set on requirement to meet different consumption. The real time temperature can be fed back to the PLC and displayed at interface screen. 
    4.Electrical control system consists of main circuit system, second circuit control system, temperature control system, tension control system, PLC system and other auxiliary parts.
    5.Product conveying: Adopted imported convey belt driven. The friction coefficient can be auto profit adjusted at low or high speed to ensure whole line in consistent situation and good products.
    6.Adopted hard alloy for long life cutter.

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