Invisible Fence Dog Coaching

It is understandable why dog owners are hesitant to install an invisible electric dog fence. There are numerous misconceptions about these items. Numerous owners think that the electric fences offer only unfavorable reinforcement and can be harmful to their pet’s capacity to be content. At the same time, pet owners have to balance their wish to be great, loving pet owners, with the want to preserve their pet out of the street and comply with regional ordinances. For some owners, an invisible electric dog fence is the proper answer. This fencing program is not necessarily at odds with good reinforcement instruction.

Simply place, an invisible electric dog fence is a system that combines hidden wire with a receiver collar. The receiver collar offers a unfavorable stimulus when your dog approaches the wire. Once coaching is comprehensive, your dog will stay away from the unfavorable stimulus and stay in the yard.

Good reinforcement coaching is rewarding your dog for carrying out the right issue. A single instance that springs to mind is urinating in the property. With good reinforcement instruction, you do not verbally or physically correct electric wireless dog fence your dog when they urinate in the residence. Rather, you immediately take them outdoors and praise them for urinating outside. Good reinforcements typically take the type of verbal praise (“Oh what a great dog”) or a treat (Scooby Snack!)

The answer to this query is in the last word – Training! If the fence is installed and your dog is allowed to approach the border, a audible tone will alert the dog that they are approaching the perimeter of the yard. If the dog progresses beyond this point, the collar will provide a mild shock.

However, with out instruction, your dog will only “discover” to avoid these areas. Yes, your dog has learned to keep in the yard, but only by means of negative reinforcement.

However, if you are patient and want to train your dog differently, it can be done with positive reinforcement. First, install the fence according to producers directions. Insist that the fence you buy has an audible only setting. Most producers do have this setting in their systems. Follow the coaching recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions, but only with the audible tone on. As electric wireless dog fence your dog approaches the fence, the audible tone will sound. Immediately walk your dog away from the fence until the collar stops beeping and reward your dog with a treat. As your dog learns that the tone calls for them to walk away from the perimeter to get a treat, you can start off to leave him on his own.

Take a couple of methods away from the fence perimeter and let your dog some freedom of movement. When the collar sounds, right away get in touch with your dog back and reward that behavior with verbal praise or treats. Soon, you will have a dog that responds to the audible only portion of the collar. It is recommended to turn on the negative stimulation portion of the collar when they are alone, but the intent would be that your dog would by no means have to feel that stimulation.

An Invisible Dog Fence need to not be viewed as a unfavorable program. For several owners, they are invaluable tools to aid maintain their dogs protected. It is achievable to offer instruction that enables a positive experience for your dog when employing the electric dog electric wireless dog fence fences.


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