Table of Contents


Analysis Biblios authorship in the journal: an approach from Google Scholar Summary PDF
Richard Chiroque-Solano, Paola Padilla-Santoyo
Semantic representation of a catalog of thesis through a graphical display interface methodology based on Topic Maps Summary PDF
Gustavo Liberatore, Leticia Lizondo
The public provider of information and services: Promoting citizenship through e-government in Spain, state of affairs Summary PDF
Sandra de Fátima Santos, Luis Genaro Garcia Lopez


Subjects-school and the library: a discursive study Summary PDF
Maria Sousa Lucília Romão
Quality and ethical principles: best practices in knowledge organization Summary PDF
Ruth Soledad Alejos Aranda
The Virtual Library: Reflections and theoretical considerations. Summary PDF
Raquel Zamora Fonseca, Carlos Manuel Cañedo
Health information literacy Summary PDF
Sania Cisneros Velázquez
From caves to record digital format: ? instances ? ? the evolution of document management Summary PDF
Ennio Prada Madrid
Images of political violence in Peru and Libraries Summary PDF

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