Underground Dog Fence Layout

An underground dog fence consists fo a buried wire, transmitter and dog collar with receiver. A great place to find a large choice of this sort of fence is at Kozydogs.com they have each and every kind of dog fence from the standard sort to stubborn dog to modest dog and a whole lot much more.

The boundary wire is typically buried about to two to inches below the surface of the ground. Flags are placed in strategic locations to give you and the dog a visual location of the wire perimeter.  The dog wears an electronic containment collar, which has a receiver that detects when the dog is finding to close to the boundary wire of the underground fence . It is at this point, electric wireless dog fence the receiver gives an audible warning tone. If the dog keeps going towards the wire of the electric fence , then the collar will emit a mild electric shock to get the dog’s consideration, and htis is not at all damaging. This variety shock can be compared to static electricity you get from your carpet.  The stimulation increases as the dog keeps going towards the boundaries of the dog fence, until the dog stops and retreats. This way, the dog quickly learns to stay within the boundaries of the wire dog fence.

The installation of the wire electric dog fence program includes laying the wire about the location to be contained, above the ground.

Then dig a thin, shallow trench in the ground to electric wireless dog fence lay the wire in, and tap the edges of the dirt back over the wire. The fence kits sold at Kozydogs.com come with every little thing you want for your underground fence. The wire has to be a closed loop, any obstacles in the way have to be run by way of or the wire made to run under existing cracks or drainage pipes to full the loop of the dog fence. You can set up the wire containment program to consist of the whole location of your yard, or only the backyard, or have double-loop installations that can be a tiny much more costly. Diagrams for these can be located at Kozydogs.com. Some dog owners like to combine an electrical dog fence with a physical fence additional protection. Can not be also electric wireless dog fence safe!


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